Electrical Engineering is one of engineering field that study and use electrical, electronic and electromagnetism knowledge. While, Civil Engineering is an engineering field that include construction and development, whether in roads construction, buildings maintenance, drainage system, flood control&traffics and etc. It also can be divided into various other fields.

In Omela Corporation Sdn Bhd, we do Electrical Engineering works such as:-

  • Domestic & Industrial Wiring
  • High & Low Voltage Cable Extension
  • Installation & Maintenance of Electrical Substation
  • Stand-by for emergency work
  • other related work

We also privatizes in Civil Engineering in projects such as:-

  • Road Works Pavement & Maintenance
  • Building Construction & Maintenance
  • other related work


Other services :-

  • Tub Handling


  • Grass Cuttings


  • Facilities Maintenance